Quantitative and qualitive
diagnosis of bacterial load in saliva
to diagnose the risk of caries


Newtron P5 XS LED

Ultrasonic generator with external tank, LED handpiece.


Locapex 6

Apex Locator



My daily oral care ritual
based on hyaluronic acid.
Without alcohol. Without surfactants


Lumitester Smart

With the App, anyone can check cleanliness easily


Mectron Combi-Touch

Perfect combination of ultrasound
and air polishing in one unit
for all your hygiene and perio needs.


LuciPac A3

A3 technology detects ATP+ADP+AMP
for advanced detection power.
It’s detection perfection.



Identification and quantification
of periodontal-pathogenic species using
Real-time PCR


Endy 6200

Endodontic Micromotor + Apex Locator



Post-operative cryotherapy face Mask
with FREEZSNOW® pouches


Endy NT2

Endodontic Micromotor with integrated light


Welcome to Xand Dental Innovations

We are an Australian privately-owned company working directly with dental professionals who are looking for the latest products of the highest quality and with strong scientific backing. We help Australian clinicians to keep up to date with the latest global dental trends. Xand Dental Innovations imports and distributes innovative dental and healthcare products across Australia.

Supported by strong clinical knowledge, Sandy Junior (Director and owner) has over 30 years’ experience in the field. Having a broad knowledge in sales and marketing, retail and wholesale, with Australian and International companies, Sandy brings all of this together to form Xand Dental Innovations.

Working with many clinicians both locally and globally Xand Dental Innovations we will continue to be dynamic, bringing high quality leading-edge products to the Australian market. In a fast paced ever changing world, we pride ourselves in offering premium service with a personal touch to make dealing with us simple, easy and efficient. We understand how busy people are therefore we’ve created a online store that is open 24/7, so you can shop at your convenience.

Featured Products

  • TruView Kit for CCD Sensor

    $247.50 Inc GST
  • Sale!

    Combi Touch Standard *NEW*

    $7,260.00 $6,600.00 Inc GST
  • LuciPac A3 Surface Swabs (Use only with Lumitester Smart or PD 30)

    $400.00 Inc GST
  • Lumitester SMART (Use with LuciPac A3, 2 Min Unit Oral, 2 Min Perio-Analyse)

    $2,000.00 Inc GST