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Xand Dental Innovations, is a privately owned Australian company based in Sydney NSW. Having been a part of the dental industry for over 30 years, we understand the significance of how oral health impacts overall health.  Our role as part of the industry is to bring products and services that assist dental professional in providing optimal oral health care solutions to their patients.

What we offer

We work directly with dental professionals who are looking for the latest dental products of the highest quality and with strong scientific backing. We help Australian clinicians to keep up to date with the latest global dental trends. As a dental supply company, Xand Dental Innovations imports and distributes innovative dental and healthcare products across Australia.  We’re a small company, trying to make a big difference.

Supported by strong clinical knowledge and having a broad knowledge in sales and marketing, retail and wholesale, with Australian and International companies, Xand works with many clinicians both locally and globally. Xand Dental Innovations we will continue to be dynamic, bringing high quality leading-edge products to the Australian market. In a fast paced ever changing world, we want to make dealing with us simple, easy and efficient.

Our dental supply store is open 24/7 so you can shop at your convenience.  You will find oral health care products with a twist to make taking care of our teeth fun.  Our luxury oral care from Hylodent are creating a buzz in the consumer market and could be a nice addition to your practice.

Whenever possible we enjoy being able to collaborate with fellow dental supply companies in Australia.  We constantly look for sustainable, Eco-friendly, socially responsible suppliers.  We care about our environment and look for ways to reduce our impact without compromising on quality or efficiency.

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