PREMIUM SERVICE – PERSONAL TOUCH | Sandy Junior, Director and Owner

Xand Dental Innovations is driven by my passion to support dental professionals deliver clinical excellence through our careful collaboration with the best innovators, inventors and manufacturers in the global dental industry. We thrive on making things happen by turning thoughts into action and have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. We commit to stable values and pride ourselves that we are trusted and can be relied on.

Having 30 years’ experience in the dental industry I understand that dental professionals are individual as the patients they treat. Although there are many commonalities in dental procedures, we acknowledge that each person has a unique set of needs. Our vision at Xand Dental Innovations is to be recognized as THE go to place in the dental community for finding the right solutions.

While our journey at Xand Dental Innovations is still in its early days we continue to be dynamic by bringing the latest technologies to the hands of dental experts. My hope is that you will enjoy being part of the journey to see Xand Dental Innovations grow and develop. It’s not a journey that can be taken without these important collaborations.

Having a strong interest in personal and professional development, we understand the importance of education and you will see us at several continuing education courses throughout Australia through our alliances with Key Opinion Leaders. It’s important that you get the best performance from the products you have chosen therefore it goes without saying that we will ensure we train you and your staff on the correct use of all relevant products we deliver.

It has always been extremely important for me to build strong relationships both locally and internationally, to ensure that we exceed expectations and continue to be innovative. Our response to evidence-based market trends can be said to be fast. Xand Dental Innovations is about promoting high quality products at competitive prices. By dealing direct wherever possible our effort is to keep our price promise. What we offer are products of the highest quality, supported by a network of individuals with strong clinical knowledge.

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