Swirl PREP 1% Hydrogen Peroxide – (12 x 500ml) Professional Dental Use ONLY

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Swirl PREP from Dentalife is a mouthrinse to assist dentists in addressing decontamination of a patients mouth prior to treatment.

*Professional dental use ONLY

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Swirl PREP 1% Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitising Mouthrinse 6 x 500ml

Swirl PREP 1% Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitising Mouthrinse to assist dentists in addressing decontamination of a patients mouth prior to treatment.

The recommendation, under the current climate of Coronavirus (COVID 19) is for all patients to be given an appropriate mouthrinse containing 1% Hydrogen Peroxide as a “pre-operative” treatment.

  • Contains 1% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • In a masking base that supports delivery and wetting-out of the hydrogen peroxide when rinsing
  • Pre-mixed ready to use.

Swirl Prep also contains a surfactant which has shown activity against Coronaviruses. This surfactant is Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, a safe and effective solubiliser and wetting agent commonly used in oral care products(1).


-Ready to use mouth rinse solution. No preparation necessary.
– Contains 1% Hydrogen Peroxide recommended as a pre-operative, sanitising rinse
– Does NOT contain alcohol or any suspect allergenic ingredients
– Contains light blue food colouring for solution identification

Clinical Procedure

Dispense approximately 20mL of “neat” Swirl Prep solution (light blue colour) into a disposable cup.
Ask patient to use all the solution and swish thoroughly in the mouth for 20 to 30 seconds then spit the solution out, into the spittoon.
Do NOT rinse with water after using mouth rinse unless patient request to do so.
Rinsing with water will dilute the sanitising effect.

The product has a very mild mint flavor to mask the Peroxide and provide a pleasant experience for the patient.

(1) *Lai MYY, Cheng PKC, Lim WWL. Survival of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2005;41(7):e67-e71.

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