2 Min Perio-Analyse



With 2 MIN PERIO-ANALYSE chairside solution you will be able to detect the bacterial load to monitor the efficacy of treatment in as little as 2 minutes.

The monitoring process should be a technology that is rapid, reliable, easy to use and economical. Quantitative ATP-metry is one of the best rapid indicators for biological monitoring of total bacterial load.

Using 2 MIN PERIO-ANALYSE, you will:

  • Have Access to a validated method to measure bacterial load reduction
  • Assess operating procedure efficiency: validation of your clinical protocol (cleaning, disinfection …)
  • Identify the critical point of your protocol: determining critical points and highlighting malfunctions of clinical procedures and therapeutic decisions
  • Have effective communication tool to motivate the patient

Biological analysis accessible to practitioners

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the major intermediary energy required in most cellular
metabolism reactions. It is a cellular metabolism product synthesized in specific organelles called
mitochondria which are found in eukaryotes and prokaryotes.
Every living cell produces and consumes ATP. This coenzyme, specific to living environments, proves
the existence of living organisms.

In biological sample, quantifying ATP equates to quantifying total microorganisms (or total biomass). To perform this type of assay, the light emitted by the enzymatic reaction of bioluminescence using luciferin and firefly luciferase is measured (see below).

ATP, in the presence of a luciferin/luciferase complex and a catalyst, releases energy in the form of light. By measuring the amount of light emitted using a luminometer; we deduce the quantity of ATP. The ATP-metry measurement method is a field test whose result is obtained in few minutes (2 Minutes).

Luminometer with adaptor

2 MIN PERIO-ANALYSE chairside test gives a precise
quantitative result in equivalent CFU/ml
with 4 levels of threshold represented by the colours above.

Intracellular ATP concentration is expressed in picogram ATP.   ATP concentration is converted to equivalent bacteria CFU (Colony Forming Units) by entering the values from 2 readings into the software (or excel sheet) provided by Institut Clinident to automatically perform the calculations.

With 2 MIN PERIO-ANALYSE® you will be able to monitor the efficiency of treatment and oral health status of the patient in 2 minutes using a chairside monitoring solution.


  • Before and after radicular surfacing and sub-gingival scaling
  • Prior to implant placement and during healing
  • During bone augmentation procedures
  • Before and after any surgical procedures
  • At any time during maintenance protocol to evaluate biofilm reduction