AIR-N-GO® Easy

All-in-one air polisher
All clinical applications are easy with the all-in-one air polisher

  • Adaptable handpiece for either SUPRA and SUB-gingival treatments
  • 4 AIR-N-GO® nozzles for perfect removal of pathogenic bacteria
  • Complete range of powders to provide customized solutions for all clinical needs
  • Gentle and efficient treatment for better patient comfort


  • “SUPRA function” for supra-gingival polishing: daily prophylactic polishing.
  • “PERIO function” for sub-gingival polishing: maintenance, periodontal and peri-implant treatments.


  • Fast start-up: direct connection to the high-speed handpiece connector.
  • Thin and well-balanced.
  • 360° rotation, fast and accurate treatment of areas requiring care.
  • Easier cleaning of the handpiece: main parts can be dismantled.

Combining water, air and powder, AIR-N-GO® easy results from the most advanced fluid dynamics modelling techniques, provide continuous, accurate and controlled spray whatever the clinical context.

4 sterizable and reusable nozzles for active control of the progress of periodontal disease.

SUPRA nozzle for any supra-gingival prophylactic treatment in combination with AIR-N-GO® “CLASSIC” or “PEARL” powders.

PERIO nozzle to be used with “PERIO”powder:
– PERIO Maintenance for the maintenance phase
– PERIO easy for easy sub-gingival insertion
– PERIO dedicated to deep pockets (laser mark every 3mm)

AIR-N-GO® powders have been specially designed and studied to produce effective treatment that is gentle on all treated surfaces.


  • Sodium Bicarbonate-based (≈ 76μm).
  • 5 fresh flavours based on 100% natural aromas or essential oils: Neutral, Cola, Raspberry, Peppermint and Lemon
  • Action of removing coloured stains and bacterial plaque, even in areas that are difficult to access.
  • Better patient comfort: gentle and efficient with limited bleeding during treatment.


  • Natural calcium carbonate-based (≈ 55μm).
  • Supra-gingival polishing powder for delicate tissues protection.
  • Reduction in pH acidity caused by tissue inflammation; return to clinically healthy buccal flora.
  • Restoration of the natural shine and pearliness of dental enamel.
  • Fast cleaning of difficult stains and composites in total safety.

AIR-N-GO® powders have been specially designed and studied to produce effective treatment that is gentle on all treated surfaces.

AIR-N-GO® Easy Videos


3D PAM AIR N GO easy + buse SUPRA

Acteon AIR-N-GO Easy – Buse Perio Easy

AIR N GO Easy – a great device for removing stains and polishing teeth after scaling.

AIR-N-GO EASY Implant Maintenance Protocol

AIR-N-GO Perio Easy Clinical Video

AIR-N-GO Perio Implant Treatment Supra and Sub-Gingival

Care & Maintenance

Quick Start EN – 01

Quick Clean EN – 02

Nozzles and powders – 03

Spray adjustment   04

No operation – 05

No spray – 06

Powder tank – 07

Water leak – 08

O-rings maintenance – 09

Cleaning instructions – 10

After each use – 11

AIR-N-GO® Easy Presentation