Cordless Endodontic Micromotor with Integrated LED light.


The Endy NT2’s strengths


Design and Comfort
Perfectly balanced instrument for greater operator comfort.


Ultimate Visibility
Compact contra-angle head with integrated LED autoclaveable at 134°.


Optimal Illumination
White LED enables the operating area to be illuminated without casting shadows or adversely affecting visibility.


Broad range of speed with a single contra-angle handpiece
adjustable speed from 250 to 1,200 rpm.

Constant speed and torque
Speed remains constant regardless of the force applied to the file in the root canal. Continuous torque control to prevent file breakage.

Programmable Memory
10 memory settings with a predefined torque, speed and auto-reverse.
Settings can be adjusted by using (+) or (-).
Can be used with any rotary file system.

** speed and torque values in table are only indicative.  Contact file manufacturer for correct settings

Safety Alerts
By default, automatic torque return is activated however can be deactivated.
Adjustable sound signal when torque limits are reached.
Visible LED display indicating file stress limits e.g. 50%, 100%  or Max exceeded of the selected torque
Battery charge level indicator

Endy NT2 presentation