Locapex 6

Apex Locator

  • Ergonomic
  • Compact
  • Legible

Robust Machine with ergonomics in mind
The Locapex 6 is a simple and robust machine. Upgraded from the Locapex Five, it keeps the same characteristics that made the success of its predecessor.

Its more compact new design, offers a precise view of the apical excess at the level of the foramen.

A visibility angle more than 160° allows you to view the progress of your file toward the apex, regardless of the position of your device.

Information of the apical access
Familiarising yourself with the unit is easy and intuitive.
Beyond the apex, the indicator lights of the Locapex 6 will light up in red “Apex” up to 1 mm. (See diagram 2 opposite)

Information of the apical access
Your IONYX apex locator allows you to work safely with two standard LR03 (AAA), batteries. The autonomy can vary from 6 months to more than 1 year depending on your activity in endodontics. The quality of measurement remains the same, regardless of the level of the batteries.

Three LEDs show you the battery level.
1 – Green: 100 %,
2 – Yellow: 40%
3 – Red 20%: Replace the batteries, but you can finish your measurements.
**Flashing red: the appliance will soon switch off.

The apex on the display relates to the Dentino-Cemental Junction
A signal filtering system enables your Locapex 6 to eliminate false signals during the progress of your file in the canal (virtual

An instantaneous measurement
The instantaneous measurement enables you to obtain the information about the position of your file in the canal from the moment of the contact of the tip or your file grip.

Locapex 6 Presentation