How the new PIEZOSURGERY® white supports your start.
Now this is as easy as it gets. If you are looking for a device which provides simplicity and clarity in every detail – here, you are: 100% simple handling for utmost treatment security.
Materials especially selected for easy cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Cost-effective standard parts for perfect economy.
You call that perfect for daily use. We call it PIEZOSURGERY® white.

  • 1 PIEZOSURGERY® white unit
  • 1 torque wrench K8
  • 1 suitcase
    (**Handpiece and inserts not included)

Clinical Advantages
When it comes to cutting bone, you can of course use traditional burs and saws. They do cut bone, too – but they do not differentiate: any soft tissue getting in their way will also be cut.
The special ultrasonic micro-vibrations of the original PIEZOSURGERY® technique cut bone and nothing else. No soft tissue is damaged, which allows you to work with a precision that facilitates not only surgery itself but reduces postoperative discomfort for your patients at the same time.

Micrometric cuts
PIEZOSURGERY ® provides micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries with maximum surgical precision and intra-operative tactile sensation.

Selective cuts
Selective cuts protect any kind of soft tissue. Nerves, vessels and membranes will not be injured while cutting bone. Thus PIEZOSURGERY® offers maximum safety for surgeons and patients.

Cavitation effect
PIEZOSURGERY® offers maximum intra-operative visibility. The cavitation effect of the ultrasonic movements leads to a blood-free surgical site.