ACTEON NEWTRON P5 B.LED Ultrasonic Generator

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NEWTRON P5 B.LED AUS – Save up to $390

Design responds to ergonomics and hygiene

„- Elegant device with flat glass surfaces, clean lines and luminous power dial.
– „Adapted to practice with an inclined front panel for better interaction with the practitioner and accessibility to the settings and the handpiece.
– „Meeting hygiene requirements total hygiene water tightness, removable power adjustment knob for easy decontamination.

A fine and balanced NEWTRON® SLIM handpiece

– Ergonomic shape regardless of the grip position, with flexible cord.
– „Interior in Titanium for extreme resistance to corrosion.
– B.LED: dental plaque revelation and excellent intraoral visibility (2 white and blue interchangeable and autoclavable LED rings, and 6 High power LEDs).

Exclusive handpiece holder to prevent falls

Installed on the front or the side of the device, the holders in silicone can be removed and autoclaved.


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Get 2 x Newtron Tips Free

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Product Description

Delivered with a NEWTRON SLIM B.LED handpiece with blue ring, a white LED ring, a F.L.A.G. kit (5×1.5ml), a power supply, a No 1 tip and an autoclavable universal wrench.


-Controlled vibrations for more precise treatment that is gentle on teeth.
-Steel tip quality to preserve anatomy and enamel structure
-Total irrigation control with no heating means safer for tissues


-Frequency adjustment provides maximal and continuous efficiency whatever the load applied.
-Power regulation for constant performances,means no pressure needed.
-Powerful cavitation for fragmentation and elimination of deposits, cleaning and disinfecting effect


„Linear and regular vibrations
-Tactile sense conserved
-Decreased fatigue for the clinician
-Painless treatment for the patient

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