ACTEON NEWTRON P5 XS B.LED – Ultrasonic Generator

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Clean effectively while preserving teeth is a major concern for dentists and hygienists worldwide.
The patented technologies of our NEWTRON® ultrasonic generators, combined with our tips high quality, support you every day with the promise of the best possible care to patients.

Optimized external irrigation system

The 300ml or 500ml graduated tanks allow to mix solutions directly, and to fill in during procedures.
„The easy and precise flow adjustment provides more powerful cavitation and maximum tip efficiency (deposits fragmentation, disinfecting effect).
„Any type of irrigation solution can be used including water, sodium hypochlorite or chlorhexidine


Buy 1 x Newtron P5XS B.LED

Get 1 x Scaler Kit (F00900) Free (Delivered with an autoclavable plastic box, n.1, n.2, n.10X, n.10Z tips and four blue wrenches)

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Product Description

Delivered with 1x NEWTRON SLIM B.LED handpiece, 1x blue LED ring, 1x white LED ring, 1x F.L.A.G. kit (5×1.5ml), 1x Aus power supply, 1x No1 tip and 1x autoclavable universal wrench.


-Controlled vibrations for more precise treatment that is gentle on teeth.
-Steel tip quality to preserve anatomy and enamel structure
-Total irrigation control with no heating means safer for tissues


-Frequency adjustment provides maximal and continuous efficiency whatever the load applied.
-Power regulation for constant performances,means no pressure needed.
-Powerful cavitation for fragmentation and elimination of deposits, cleaning and disinfecting effect


„Linear and regular vibrations
-Tactile sense conserved
-Decreased fatigue for the clinician
-Painless treatment for the patient


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