Lumitester SMART (Use with LuciPac A3, 2 Min Unit Oral, 2 Min Perio-Analyse)

$2,000.00 Inc GST

With the App, anyone can check cleanliness easily

-Hygiene monitoring in 3 easy steps
-Access from anywhere with cloud storage
-Visualize the date through an App

With A3 detection – ATP + ADP + AMP

**Lumitester uses Lucipac A3 swabs – Swabs are sold separately

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Product Description

Infection Control monitoring system

Measure –
– Use Lucipac A3 to swab the surface being analyzed
– The Swab is activated and then placed in luminometer to obtain a reading
– Data is sent directly to the App for you to analyze and take appropriate action

Easy to use, results within 10 seconds

Understand –
-Recorded data can be displayed in time-series by registering with our specialized App.
– Inspection pass rates are automatically graphed and improvements can be visualized.
– The team will be more conscious of hygiene, and will maintain a high standard of infection control
– Help build greater trust in your business

Connect – with cloud Management
– cloud based storage, accessed from anywhere in the world
– Fast detection and response to any problems that may arise

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