TruView Kit for CCD Sensor

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The TruView Digital Sensor Positioning Device produces images of high diagnostic quality with a minimal number of exposures.
It is both easy to use and to teach to auxiliary staff.
The TruView Digital Sensor Positioning Device was created by Sydney Australian Endodontist Dr Steven Cohn. Clinicians familiar with the original and popular Snapex radiography system also designed by Dr. Cohn will find the same friendly features with the TruView device.

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Product Description

TruView is indicated for all digital sensor systems in every clinical situation. Use includes endodontic working images with rubber dam.

TruView kit consists of four components:

  • Digital sensor holder for all anterior & posterior images
  • Aiming ring
  • 90° angle rod used for parallel technique images.
  • 105° angle rod used for the modified paralleling technique in the maxillary posterior area & for all posterior endodontic images.

All of the components may be autoclaved.

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